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There are NO MEMBERSHIP FEES associated in joining. 

We would like to connect with ALL Canadian parents and families who are affected by a Parental Child Abduction either internationally or nationally from Canada. If you know anyone who is dealing with this or fears that their child(ren) could be taken by another parent, please let them know about iCHAPEAU Canada. 

In some cases, some parents may also be worried or fear that their child could be taken by another parent out of Canada with or without their consent. We also want these parents to help by becoming a member to ensure that we can suggest to the Canadian Government strong strategies and protocols to protect ALL Canadian children.

We also understand that every family situation is different which is why you can become a member with us either as a PRIVATE, SEMI-PRIVATE or a PUBLIC case if it has been reported by news media. We have a process in place where we will be able to verify your identity and your case in private before joining our CHAT or ZOOM groups. 


We would also like to connect with Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, Educators, Researchers, Politicians and Professionals who can provide valuable information and feedback in order to provide support to victims of this crime while helping to develop resources and strategies to help STOP International Parental Child Abductions either internationally or nationally from Canada.


Our group of affected Canadian parents are working together towards establishing this Not-For-Profit -or- National Charity organization so that we can provide education, peer-to-peer support, victim support, reliable information and resources for cases along with helping to create more public awareness of these crimes which is also considered child abuse.

Register with us so that we may contact you to provide links to our WHATSAPP Chat and ZOOM meetings, upcoming events and resources we are working to compile. Our CHAT and ZOOM meetings are divided monthly into THREE different categories depending on your families situation. You can choose to participate as: PROACTIVE PARENT, SEEKING PARENT or part of iCHAPEAU MANAGMENT Working Group.  

We believe by working TOGETHER as an organization, we can help to STOP International Parental Child Abductions, wrongful retentions and support victims of this crime in Canada.

Please join us by registering as a member.



Your contact information here will remain in the strictest confidence and private. Your information will not be shared with the group or other parents.

Is this a MOBILE number?

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Can we leave VOICE messages?


Every family case is different. Please let us know about your situation.

 (No one knows my family situation)

(No one knows my family case but it has been reported to courts and/or police)

(My family case could be made public BUT I want my child[ren] photos, names and country censored)

(Everyone knows and my families case has been reported by news media)

NICKNAME (Optional):

You can use a nickname if you prefer when joining our CHAT and ZOOM meetings. We will however make arrangements to speak to you in private through an ON CAMERA ZOOM meeting to verify your identity.

Is this a MOBILE number?

Can we send TXT messages?

Join our Email List to learn more about our efforts and how working together can make a lasting impact!


Do you have WHATSAPP installed on your mobile device?


CHILDREN (Optional):

We want to know generally where your children are located? 

Currently, where are your children living? 


What would be your level of participation in this cause so that we can forward you the appropriate information.


You can update your participation level at any time.


We know your family and case comes first!

There are NO FEES associated to become a member of iCHAPEAU Canada and all information provided about your case will remain completely confidential unless you provide us written consent. 

I support this cause and can help share the cause (If possible, without fear of reprisal) through my social media

To learn strategies, network with other parents, provide my voice and share the cause (If possible, without fear of reprisal) through my social media

I can provide assistance at any capacity including my professional skill sets, provide my voice and share the cause (If possible, without fear of reprisal) through my social media

To register my name as one of the Board of Directors in the legal creation of iCHAPEAU Canada

I have professional knowledge that can provide further education for the cause or to our members

I can provide professional services at NO CHARGE or PRO BONO for the cause or to our members

I would like to help by writing a REPORT or a THESIS

We can provide products or services at REDUCED RATES for members

Brief Comments / Suggestions to include?

(If you are a parent, please DO NOT provide any specific case information here. We will direct you to a separate private secured intake form.)

* I understand the following statements, having asked for and obtained an explanation for every point that was not clear to me.

* I understand that iCHAPEAU Canada will always confer with me before initiating connections on my behalf.


* I understand that iCHAPEAU Canada will never disclose sensitive case information without my expressed consent.

* I understand that iCHAPEAU Canada provides education, peer-to-peer support, victim support and future referral services.


* I understand that iCHAPEAU Canada does not provide legal services and no suggestions or services rendered to me should be construed as legal advice or opinion.


One of our PARENT VOLUNTEERS will contact you to share more information on how you can join in our WHATSAPP Chat and ZOOM meetings.


Your information has been submitted

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